Premium Kapok seed oil

Indonesia's Liquid Gold

Kapok seed oil from Indonesia shines as a versatile and invaluable product, celebrated for its unique attributes and a vast array of applications. This oil, derived from the seeds of the kapok tree, holds numerous advantages and distinguishes itself with its exceptional quality.

Animal Feed Additives

Kapok seed oil has shown promising potential as an animal feed additive due to its high concentration of cyclopropenoid fatty acids (CPFA). These fatty acids have unique properties and potential health benefits that have been found to improve animal health, growth performance, and feed efficiency. Studies have shown that kapok seed oil can increase milk production and improve weight gain in livestock specially in ruminants and pigs.

Potential as Bio-fuels

Kapok seed oil is a potential source of bio-diesel, a renewable and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. Bio-diesel produced from kapok seed oil has been shown to have similar properties to diesel fuel derived from petroleum. However, kapok seed oil bio-diesel has the added benefit of being biodegradable and producing fewer emissions.

Soap & Paint Production

Kapok seed oil is used in the production of soap and paint due to its high oil content and low melting point. The oil's properties make it an effective ingredient in soaps, contributing to their lathering and cleansing abilities. In paint production, kapok seed oil is used as a drying agent and plasticizer, helping to improve the paint's consistency and durability.

Medical Uses & More

Kapok seed oil has also been explored for its potential medical applications. Some studies suggest that the oil may have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which could be beneficial for treating skin conditions and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Additionally, kapok seed oil is used in some cosmetic products, such as hair conditioners and moisturizers, for its softening and hydrating effects.

Properties of Kapok Seed Oil

Appearance Pale yellow oil
Odor Mild
Taste Mild
Iodine value 85-100 (non-drying oil)
Acid value 1-2

Fatty acid composition
*Cyclopropenoid fatty acids (CPFA) 11-13%
*Oleic acid 20-30%
*Linoleic acid 10-20%

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